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Alyssa's Angels partners with local organizations for holiday gift project

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

This year, in an effort for the program to have a greater impact and help even more Rochester area children and families; Alyssa’s Angels reached out for partner organizations from the community to match its $500 donation. Through this effort, each of the five selected non-profit organizations received $1,000.

“We are grateful for all of the important work that is done to help children at these agencies”, said Alyssa’s Angels Chairman Chris Bruno. “The generosity of our partners in support of this project is also deeply appreciated.”

The agencies that Alyssa’s Angels selected to support this year and the respective co-sponsors for each are:

—Non-profit: Wilson Commencement Park

—Co-sponsor: Gates Automotive

—Non-profit: Alternatives for Battered Women

—Co-sponsor: Webtitle Agency

—Non-profit: Genesis House

—Co-sponsor: Federation of Social Workers

— Non-profit: Mercy Community Services

—Co-sponsor: BRX Global Research Services

—Non-profit: St. Peter’s Kitchen

—Co-sponsor: Essex Hotel Management

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